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STS Rimfire target are manufacturer from high quality Australian made 6mm Bisalloy 400 steel. Unlike standard rimfire target our target are suitable for use with High Velocity .22LR Ammunition as well as .17HMR and .22WMR cartridges.

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100 METRE 4.0 MOA (117mm) RIMFIRE GONG
This target is 117mm in diameter which corresponds to 4.0 MoA @ 100m. Being just over 4.5 ..
200mm Rimfire Gong
This target is 200mm in diameter which corresponds to 1 Mil Rad @ 200m. Being just under 8..
This rimfire target represents an life size fox pup. It is 543mm long and 363mm high. Ideal target f..
This rimfire target represents an life size rabbit. It is 285mm long and 216mm high (exactly the sam..
Rimfire KYL Target Kit - 8 Piece
This 8 piece KYL (Know Your Limits) kit is made from premium Australian made 10mm thick Bisalloy 500..
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STS Rimfire Stake Target
New for 2018, this range of STS rimfire targets represent ultimate durability. No bolts, shackles or..
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