These deluxe target frame brackets are used as the building blocks for a portable target hanging system. They are designed to interface with 25nb (32mm OD) round steel tube, and utilise locking pins to hold the legs and top rail in place.  When combined with medium walled (3.2mm) steel tube, the result is a very sturdy and portable target frame setup. The legs and top rail have an intentionally loose fit to allow the frame to stabilise on uneven ground. This system is ideal for those who are required to take a frame to and from the range each visit, and enable quick and easy target repositioning. 

This package contains 2 brackets and six 1/4" x 2" Shaft Lock Pins.  Also consider the STS Spinning Target Mounts, Chain Target Mounts, Lock Rings, and Paper Target Struts to fully customise your target system. 

Hot Tip: A good length to use for legs is 800mm each for a small frame which is big enough to support upto a 500m (291mm) gong. When using large/long range targets consider making the leg lengths between 1200-1600mm. If you wish to pin the legs to the frame with the included shaft lock pins. Drill a 7mm hole in the legs 45mm from the end.  25nb (nominal bore) steel tube is available from most steel suppliers and some hardware stores such as bunnings. The outside diameter of 25nb tube is typically 32mm. We recommend Medium wall thickness tube (3.2mm), however Light (2.6mm) and Extra-Light (2.0mm) will also work.  


Material 10mm Grade 350 Mild Steel
Weight Weight: 2.1 kg

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Deluxe Target Frame Brackets (pair)

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