The STS Budget target frame brackets are designed to enable shooters to put together a target frame using nothing but 2 brackets and some steel pipe.

In this design we have incorporated the STS dual purpose mounting block (as seen on our Dropper Topper Target frame system) to enable either 25nb round pipe or a standard star picket to be used as the top rail of the target frame. 

The brackets are designed specifically to utilise 25nb steel pipe which is readily available at most hardware store and steel marts. The system relies on friction and leverage to hold it all together, the heavier the target, the longer the legs, the more stable the frame. Once in place kick each leg out whilst pushing down on the top rail to produce a very sturdy support for your steel gong. Note, if you are looking for something easy to move around several times a day, consider the Deluxe Target Frame brackets. 

No need to worry about flyers with these brackets as they are precision laser cut from Australian made 10mm thick Bisalloy 500 steel.

Hot Tip: A good length to use for legs is 1000mm each.  When using large/long range targets consider making the leg lengths between 1200-1600mm. 25nb (nominal bore) steel tube is available from most steel suppliers and some hardware stores such as bunnings. The outside diameter of 25nb tube is typically 32mm. We recommend Medium wall thickness tube (3.2mm), however Light (2.6mm) and Extra-Light (2.0mm) will also work.  

Material 10mm Bisalloy 500 Hardened Steel
Finish Bare steel (unpainted)
Weight 1.4kg

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Budget Target Frame Brackets (pair)

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